Milk Producing Oatmeal Balls

Milk Producing Oatmeal Balls

This is the non bake version.

Make more milk with these milk making balls. Yes, laugh, that is what my youngest calls them, milk making balls.

breast milk inducing
Eat a healthy snack that encourages milk production

I am always hungry, this breast-feeding hunger is “killer”. I make this in a big batch to last about one week.

These milk producing oatmeal balls are quick to make, last me just about all week, and my kids can also eat them. No, it doesn’t make them produce milk, that would be nuts.

Milk Producing Oatmeal Balls are great for:

  • Want to be able to add calories
  • Eat something healthy
  • Eat a quick snack
  • Increase breast milk production
  • Easy to make
  • Not messy
  • No need to bake

This can also be a great on the go breakfast too. You can easily eat them while you are nursing the baby or pumping your milk.

Ingredients are –

2 Cups of brown sugar ( you can use white, I like the taste of brown )

1 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa

2 Sticks of butter ( If you leave this out, it will be a mess. You can use coconut oil as a substitute. )

1 Cup of milk, whichever milk you drink

2 Tablespoons Vanilla Extract

4 – 5 Cups of Oatmeal ( I use instant, quick one minute cook type )

1 Cup of Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

1 Cup of your favorite Nuts, crushed

6 Tablespoons of Brewers Yeast

1 Cup of Flaxseed

For added protein I add 1 scoop or packet of Shakeology, vanilla flavor. The other protein I might add is Livfit Super Food Protein Blend. If I don’t have any Shakeology, I will add in the other.


Mix all the liquids together with the cocoa, sugar and butter inside a pan, bring to a boil. Mix until well combined.

Removed from heat and add this mixture to a bowl that has the oats, brewers yeast, nuts, flax, protein powder and peanut/almond butter. Mix really well until all the oats are coated.

Use a melon scooper or small teaspoon, scoop up some mixture and roll into small bite sized balls. Place these balls on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Refrigerate, let set a few hours.

Eat them on the go, while nursing or pumping, eat them for breakfast or a late night snack.

Things I have added in are Craisins, dried fruit pieces ( I cut them real small ), I have added yogurt and other things, like M&M’s and mini marshmallows cut in half too. I didn’t measure those, my eyes did.

Make a large batch of balls and freeze some for later. Make some for the new mom or mom who just had her baby. My baby is eleven months old and I still eat these just about daily.

I know others will say to you they aren’t sure if this really works or not, but I know for a fact that when I haven’t had these in a while my milk isn’t as plentiful.

What do you add or omit from these healthy Milk Producing Oatmeal Balls? Link up your recipes below.

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