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Hits: 130Mom Conference – Helping both you and I become better moms <3 I attended this Mom Conference last year. It is great to be able to have these conferences. This type is done virtually, whew. I love virtual stuff, sometimes it just isn’t feasable to attend in person. Last year I gained lots of great information. This year isn’t any different. I will be coming back to this post and add what i have learned this year. I’d like you to come join me, it is free. When you are done, come abck and let’s discuss! Sign up free here -> Mom Conference IRead More →

Hits: 109Dizza Mama Workout! Hey, I have been so busy creating new and exciting things for you! While I was sitting on my butt putting things together, nursing the baby and other things, I kind of “got off track” in my workout routines. But, that will no longer happen! I am focused, determined and motivated, but I am needing you to PUSH ME! Like, over the edge, CALL ME OUT if you do not see me saying what I’ve done that day. I am working towards a Tuned Up Body, and I’d love for you to join in too. Why am I on this TunedRead More →

Hits: 157Hello, I am Marilyn and I am happy to have my parenting blog open again. I am excited to meet more parents, and enjoy the mess we get ourselves into as parents. This time around, the entries will be only about parents and children and all things relevant to them. We still do Product Reviews, but they will be found at Product Gab. I also have more of an adult outlet for all kinds of other topics that we can enjoy discussion over at Social Butterfly. I have a health, fitness and nutrition blog too, check out Tuned Up Body for recipes and more.Read More →